Fastcaptchasolver dot com Redirects

Fastcaptchasolver dot com is the domain associated with a rogue website that people never really access intentionally. The website is usually loaded when a potentially unwanted program affecting the system redirects the user there or through bad advertising banners on other dubious websites.

Fastcaptchasolver never really hosted any meaningful content or web tools on it, despite its name. When a user lands on it, the website may display intrusive ads, directly redirect the user to another dubious website or display push notification requests. Of course, you should never accept push notification requests from sources you don't know and trust completely.

The redirects to websites such as Fastcaptchasolver dot com and similar rogue websites usually happen as a result of a potentially unwanted program that is already installed on the system. This is most commonly a browser hijacker that will cause those redirects.

A potentially unwanted application can also cause various other issues with the system and browser it is installed on, including capturing browsing history, habits and search queries, displaying intrusive, disruptive advertising and redirecting the user to websites he never intended to visit in the first place.

In order to steer clear of potentially unwanted programs of this sort, your best bet is to keep away from websites that serve up free download packages. Free download websites that are not properly and strictly curated often carry bundle installers that will contain one or more potentially unwanted programs that are bundled together with what may be a desirable, legitimate application.

Those bundle installers have notoriously poor disclosure of their contents and the user usually never consents to the installation of the PUP components, which slip by quietly.

Remember to always source your applications from legitimate, big download portals that have strict curation and have implemented reliable anti-malware scanning of their contents.

September 29, 2021