Browser Hijacker Displays Fake Warnings

pop-up warning

Computeradz dot com, also referred to as "Critical Virus Alert", is a browser hijacker that can affect any browser you use at the moment.

Once installed in your browser, usually after you accidentally clicked a rogue link or allowed notifications from a misleading website, it will make a number of unauthorized changes to your browser. These include swapping the default search engine used by the browser, as well as its home page. Hijackers of this kind can also cause bad redirects when you click links.

Computeradz dot com will also display a fake warning, which is also the source of its other name - "Critical Virus Alert".

The hijacker can display a fake warning window titled "Critical Virus Alert" that contains the following text: "Your system is damaged. Click here to remove the virus." The message is dressed up as a system alert while it has nothing to do with your system or any issues with it.

Clicking the button to remove will only redirect users to further malicious pages and files and cause more real issues with the system.

Browser hijackers of this kind are often distributed using software bundling, where several apps are in the same installer package. Sometimes one or more of the apps piggy-backing inside are potentially unwanted programs, including browser hijackers.

July 27, 2022