Remove Hijacker

browser hijacker is a search engine, which might be brought to your attention without your approval. The website appears to rely on browser hijacking software in order to receive more traffic. The hijacker is likely to be spread with the help of various tricks and methods. For example, it is possible to install it accidentally when interacting with low-quality sites and services. It might also reside in software bundles, which offer to install 3rd-party apps. Regardless of the delivery mechanism, the hijacker will almost always bring identical changes.

What Does the Hijacker Do?

Just like most browser hijackers, this one also focuses on managing certain Web browser settings. It will replace the browser's default new tab page and search engine with This ensures that users will have to visit this site on a daily basis, and consider using its services.

While is not malicious, it is certainly not a search engine that you should be using daily. It may provide low-quality search results, and it is also not uncommon for it to include unwanted ads or sponsored search results. If your browser is taking you to or another unfamiliar search engine, you should try to fix this problem immediately. The recommended course of action is to run an up-to-date security tool for Windows .this step should be enough to identify and eradicate the hijacker.

February 21, 2022