Browser Hijacker

browser hijacker

Simage4 dot pubmatic dot com is a type of potentially unwanted application, more specifically a browser hijacker, that can affect your Mac.

Potentially unwanted applications occupy a grey area, somewhere between legitimate apps and full-on malware, and while they are not as harmful as malware, their presence on the system is, as the name suggests, unwelcome.

Like other browser hijackers, simage dot pubmatic dot com can change a number of settings in the browser, including the home page and the content of blank new tabs, as well as the default search engine used by the browser.

In addition to this, browser hijackers often have functionality that allows them to inject advertising inside pages visited by the user or display those ads as pop-ups. Displaying those ads generated revenue for the operator of the browser hijacker application, but can also expose the browser's user to potentially harmful pages and content.

A lot of the time, ad-supported applications and browser hijackers work in conjunction with rogue ad networks, which means the ads displayed may link to questionable content, misleading pages or further potentially unwanted apps. This makes the presence of any browser hijacker on your system undesirable.

June 22, 2022