Charmsearching dot com Redirect

Charmsearching is the name used by a domain belonging to a fake search engine that also has an accompanying browser hijacker that goes with it.

Browser hijackers are a type of potentially unwatned program, grey-area software that is neither a legitimate application, nor a full-blown malicious piece of software.

If you suddenly find that your browser's default search engine has been swapped from the one you normally use to Charmsearching, chances are your browser of choice also has the browser hijacker in it. Charmsearching can also swap out your home page to its own.

Similar behavior, especially when it's happening without the user's explicit consent and without alerting them to the changes, is considered unwanted, hence the name of "potentially unwanted programs". This type of browser hijacker is also undesirable because it would often log your search queries and browsing history and possibly resell this information to third parties.

Browser hijackers like Charmsearching are distributed in a few different ways. You can get such an unwanted addon in your browser when you agree to receive push notifications from an untrustworthy website. Sometimes false browser component update messages displayed by malicious sites can install them too. Finally, you can get a browser hijacker in your computer by using bundle installers.

Bundle installers or bundlers are commonly found on free download websites with less than excellent reputations. They contain several applications, one or more of which may be potentially unwanted.

In order to avoid this sort of PUP or potentially unwanted program on your system, your best bet is to only use strictly moderated and curated application download websites and be very cautious about every "I agree" button you click online.

September 16, 2021