Remove Redirect is a Web page associated with one or more browser hijackers. What is a browser hijacker? This is a type of software, which is very small in size, and it may often be installed alongside other applications. Users might not be aware of its existence, and they may have no clue that a hijacker is running in the background. One of the common symptoms of a browser hijacker issue is that your favorite Web browser is behaving abnormally. For example, it may redirect you to unknown pages when you try to load a new tab or to search the Web - is one of these random pages.

The good news is that neither nor the software promoting it is dangerous. The worst that the latter can do is to force you to use's services instead of the ones of your favorite search engine. This issue could be quite annoying, since will not provide results as credible as the ones you would get from using Bing, Yahoo, or Google. Furthermore, may contain extra advertisements, sponsored results, and other marketing content that you are not interested in.

So, what should you do to avoid the hijacker? The best way to do this is to make sure that your PC is protected by up-to-date security tools at all times. In addition to this, we advise you to only download installers and updaters from legitimate, trustworthy sources. Last but not least, whenever you are installing freeware or shareware applications, make sure to follow the installation instructions closely – the companies behind these apps often use software bundling to maximize their profit by delivering 3rd-party tools alongside their legitimate apps. These 3rd-party tools may sometimes include low-quality programs like the hijacker.