Palikan dot com Browser Hijacker

Palikan dot com is the name of a potentially unwanted application, often referred to as a browser hijacker. Potentially unwanted applications are a type of software that resides in the niche between legitimate software and more dangerous malware.

As the name suggests, a potentially unwanted application (or PUA) is something you probably don't want to have on your computer. Palikan dot com is one such program. It exhibits qualities similar to most other browser hijackers. It can change your favorite browser's home page to its own and swap out your browser's default search engine for another.

Both of those things happen silently, without user knowledge or consent. It is this type of behavior and the fact that those changes are made without the user's knowledge that classify Palikan dot com as a browser hijacker.

Additionally, browser hijackers similar to Palikan dot com can redirect users to questionable pages or populate search queries made through the swapped out browser search engine with sponsored results that are not optimal for the user, but generate money for the entity operating the browser hijacker.

To avoid having similar potentially unwanted applications finding their way on your computer without your knowledge, your best bet is to never download bundle installers. Bundle installers are software bundles, often found on free download websites, that contain multiple apps. One of them is very often legitimate, but has one or more PUAs piggy backing inside the same package.

Due to the poor disclosure of the bundle installer's contents, most users just install everything in the package, never knowing what exactly is in it, apart from the headliner, legitimate app. To avoid similar incidents, always download your software from well-curated sources, such as the official App Store on Mac, or the application's publisher or developer website.

This is the only surefire way to keep your system clean of PUAs, including browser hijackers such as Palikan dot com.