Xeesearch.com Redirect

Xeesearch.com is the name of a browser hijacker. Browser hijackers of this sort are usually classified as potentially unwanted programs, or PUPs for short. While PUPs don't exhibit the traditional capabilities and behavior of more dangerous malware, they will still hamper your smooth browsing experience and may potentially expose you to further dangerous content.

If you are wondering how Xeesearch.com got on your computer in the first place, chances are you got it in a bundle installer. Potentially unwanted programs can often be found bundled with software. Bad practices can even lead to legitimate software from small developers and publishers being bundled with PUPs sometimes. Freeware software bundle installers are particularly popular vehicles for PUPs such as Xeesearch.com.

Once it installs on your system, Xeesearch.com can change your usual homepage to its own. Additionally, the PUP can display unsolicited advertisements and pop-ups on your system. Such behaviors always spoil your normal browsing experience. Your browser's default search engine will also be changed from its previous setting to using Xeesearch.

You may also be led to click on malicious links in some of those ads that may lead to potentially dangerous websites and further, more serious malware infections.

In order to steer clear from similar hijackers, it is important to examine each step of the installation window very carefully when you are downloading and trying out free software you got online. Even if the main application advertised in the installer is legitimate, there is a chance that a small checkbox somewhere in the install process gives permission to install a PUP similar to Xeesearch.com.

Be very careful when clicking through installers and make sure you refuse any additional offers and software that is piggy-backing on the main application you wanted to download and install.

May 19, 2021