'Board Approved Payroll' Scam Fishes for Credentials

"Board approval payroll" scam is yet another attempt to defraud people through malicious and misleading emails.

The scam is distributed using mass malicious spam and contains simple bait. Victims receive an email that reads as follows:

[victim name] April salary payment approval list by the Board Of Directors. Please review and keep for your records.

Board Approved_payroll

******** Server.


The victim is expected to immediately be interested in a document related to their salary and click the "Open" button. Doing this will open a tailor-made phishing page. The phishing portal is operated by the scammers and will ask the victim to enter their email login credentials to gain access to the supposed non-existent salary document.

If you enter your email information and credentials on the page, you will hand them to the scammers and your email account will likely be compromised and you will lose access to it. A compromised email opens up possibilities for all sorts of malicious activity, including impersonation and fraud conducted in the name of the victim.

Be extra careful with any unsolicited email you receive and be even warier when the emails contain links to what is very likely a fake login page.

November 14, 2022