How to Avoid Ad Pop-Ups

Fynweb dot com is a very generic misleading website that exists solely to push ads into visitors' browsers.

Landing on the page, you will be greeted by an image of a confused robot, along with the text "Click allow if you are not a robot". We have seen this same setup a million times before and it's always the same thing - a simple trick to get people to allow ads on their device, through push notifications functionality.

Ads delivered by such misleading websites will often be sourced through rogue ad networks. This means the ads may link to all sorts of unpleasant online locations, including scam or phishing pages, other misleading websites, malicious redirects and potentially unwanted program installers.

You can skip all of those potential issues and stay safe if you stick to one very simple rule. Remember you should never click or interact with any elements on an unfamiliar page if the page in question tells you to do it within a second of loading.

This alone will prevent any and all issues with the vast majority of low-effort misleading websites.

August 30, 2022