Uses Fake Anti-Bot Check

Adforyounews dot com is a very pedestrian misleading website. The lazily thrown-together page pushes a very obvious fake anti-bot check in the hopes that it will fool users into allowing ads on their devices.

Upon loading the page at Adforyounews dot com, you will see an image of a friendly cartoon robot, along with text that tells you to "click allow if you are not a robot".

This is not a real anti-bot check and if you have ever done a single real bot check in your life, you should be able to spot this from a mile away. The "click allow" trick is one of the most common ones used by misleading websites.

The goal is to give permission to the misleading site to send ads in your browser through push notification functionality. Similar misleading sites may partner up with rogue ad networks and this is always bad news.

Rogue ads displayed by a misleading site may link to questionable adult content, online scams, phishing pages, other untrustworthy websites and potentially unwanted applications.

Everything you have to do to stay safe from all of this is to remember never to click any buttons or links unfamiliar pages ask you to click the second you open them. Associated with Browser Hijackers, Adware, and Potentially Unwanted Programs

August 30, 2022