Fakes Anti-Bot Check to Push Ads

Advnotpro dot com is a garden-variety misleading website, thrown together with the minimum amount of effort and with a simple purpose - to get annoying ads in your browser.

When you land on Advnotpro dot com you will see what you will also see on dozens of websites that belong to its ilk - a "Press Allow to verify you are not a robot" message. The message is, of course, fake and attempts to fake real anti-bot checks that a lot of pages use.

If you ever did an anti-bot check on pretty much any other page online, you will be well aware that this is a fake. The goal of the site is to get you to click "allow" in the browser's "allow notifications" dialog box, which will allow the site to send a stream of intrusive and potentially dangerous ads to your browser.

The ads displayed by similar sites often originate from rogue ad networks. That means those ads can link to questionable content, scams, further misleading websites and the installers of potentially unwanted software or adware.

The easiest way to steer clear of this sort of issue is to simply close your browser tab immediately when you see a random domain name asking you to allow notifications, especially when this is accompanied by a fake anti-bot check.

June 13, 2022