9 Тips Тo Reset Forgotten Passwords

tips reset forgotten passwords

Lost your password and you just can't remember it? Well, don't try strain your mind trying to recall it, it's not gonna work. The human mind simply doesn't work like that. What you need is something to jog your memory. See, most people don't use randomly generated passwords, even though those are the best form of defense. Instead, we tend to choose things that have some meaning to us, so we can easily remember them. With that in mind, here are nine basic tips to re-discover your forgotten passwords.

1. Try Your Other Passwords

Well, this should be a no-brainer. The average person has only a few passwords they will keep recycling. It's a bad practice, but a real one nonetheless. So try out any other passwords you may have used in the past.

2. Your Name

Try out variations of your own name. It sounds like a terribly unsafe practice, but a surprising amount of people use their own name when thinking up new passwords. Try adding numbers or extra letters like your birth year or your surname's initial. Also, try using nicknames or pet names. If your own name doesn't work try using the names of family members and loved ones.

3. Pet Information

Similar to the idea above, try using your favorite pet's name. We all have a soft spot for animals, after all.

4. Birthdays

Not surprisingly, many people use their birth dates or some variation of them as their password. Try out various combinations of your birth day, month, and year and see what pans out. If that doesn't work try the dates of your closest loved ones.

5. Home & Office Addresses

Maybe you used your address or your company's address? Perhaps you used the name of your hometown or the place you met your spouse? Try out various locations and hopefully you'll get lucky.

6. Childhood memories

This should be self-explanatory. Everybody has special childhood memories that only they know. Perhaps your first crush's name? The name of your favorite wrestler as a kid? Your favorite dinosaur? Explore your subconscious and maybe it will come back to you.

7. Important Numbers

People are superstitious by nature and place a great importance on seemingly arbitrary numbers. You're probably no exception. Do you have a lucky number? Try it out. Maybe something special happened in a certain year? Try that out as well.

8. Some Other Ideas

Other possibilities are your favorite books, movies, songs, video games, characters and so on. Or maybe it's your favorite food or sports team? The possibilities are nearly endless. Try the names of things that have meaning to you.

9. Final Tip

If you want to make sure you never go through this again use our brand new, powerful and FREE Password Manager. It can keep track of all your passwords for you so you don't have to. Cyclonis Password Manager is full of features that will make your online life so much more streamlined and safer.

What should I do if I lose my CPM master password?

Unfortunately, we can't decrypt or even access your private vault without your master password. The sturdy AES-256 bit encryption makes it impossible to brute force your way into a Cyclonis Password Manager vault without the master password. This is why it's incredibly important that you remember the master password at all times. Seriously, I cannot stress how critical it is that you never lose your master password. If you ever lose your current master password, then there's not much our staff can do to decrypt your information, because even we at Cyclonis doesn't have full access to the encrypted user vaults. Write down your master password if you have to, but make sure to keep it in a safe location. Cyclonis Password Manager doesn't transmit or store your master password anywhere on our servers, so we cannot access your secure vault, and we have no way to restore your lost master password. Please, be careful and make sure you never forget your master password.

You might even have to remember your previous master password if you are changing it to a new password one for a brief period of time. If your secure data is stored in local vaults instead of a cloud you might be required to enter both passwords on all synced devises. Make sure you keep your old passwords until all of your devices have been updated with the new password. This can be avoided by using cloud storage instead of local vaults.

April 11, 2018

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