What is the 'WindowServer' Process on Mac

Exploring through your Mac's Activity Monitor may expose you to dozens of processes that you do not recognize. One of the processes that users often try to find more information is 'WindowServer.' It is present on all Mac systems, and it may sometimes appear to consume unnecessary amounts of CPU and RAM resources. The good news is that WindowServer is a legitimate Mac component, which is responsible for displaying all sorts of graphical elements used in folders, apps, and websites. Needless to say, this is an essential Mac component, and having it malfunction may lead to some trouble.

Users often wonder why WindowServer is taking too much CPU and RAM resources, and in this post we will explain why this may happen, as well as how to try and fix it.

WindowServer Using Too Much CPU

One of the reasons that WindowServer is using too much CPU may be a bug with the operating system, but it is also possible that the excessive usage may be natural. The latter situation may happen because:

  • You are using too many applications at the same time.
  • You have more than two displays, showing different windows.
  • Your desktop is cluttered.
  • You are running a newer macOS on outdated hardware.

How to Reduce the Resources that WindowServer Uses?

There are plenty of small fixes and optimizations you can apply manually to make WindowServer run smoother, without draining resources from other software:

  • Close applications and windows that you do not need right now.
  • Disable some of Mac's visual effects through the¬†System Preferences -> Accessibility -> Display¬†section.
  • Clean up your desktop of unnecessary icons.
  • Update software and the operating system.
  • Restart your Mac.
May 11, 2021

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