What is the 'dbfseventsd' Process on Mac

Mac system processes and applications may often have obscure names that users are not familiar with. This is why taking a look at the Mac Activity Monitor may often take you on a long quest of researching all the odds name you see there, and discovering what their purpose is. One of the process names that Mac users often ask questions about is dbfseventsd. To start off, this process is not part of Mac's core features and applications, but it is also not something to be worried about – this process is part of the Dropbox software suite. The exact purpose of dbfseventsd is to keep track of your local Dropbox folder and sync it with your cloud storage in case any changes are detected. Disabling this process will stop Dropbox from automatically synchronizing.

Dbfseventsd Using Excessive CPU/RAM

Software is prone to bugs and issues, so it is not uncommon to see a legitimate process consume abnormal amounts of resources. If you notice that dbfseventsd is taking large amounts of RAM and CPU, then you should try to fix it.

One of the quick ways to try to fix it is to reboot the process. Open Applications -> Utilities -> Activity Monitor ­and then quit the ­dbfseventsd process. If this does not fix it, you might need to reboot Dropbox completely. You can do this by opening Dropbox, clicking on your profile picture, and selecting Quit. Make sure to re-open Dropbox after this.

Another thing to try out is to run a reputable Mac antivirus application. While dbfseventsd is not malicious, there is a chance that a dangerous piece of software is using an identical process name. Furthermore, malware may sometimes interfere with the operations of legitimate processes, causing them to behave abnormally. Using a reputable anti-malware application at all times can greatly reduce the number of Mac issues you encounter.

May 13, 2021

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