'Storage Capacity' Scam Fakes Inbox Issue

A new wave of malicious spam emails is doing the rounds, distributing a new scam, called simply the 'storage capacity' scam.

The setup used in the scam is very simple and we have seen similar versions of the same idea in many other scams before, so it not a very original scam in any way.

The potential victim will receive an email that claims some emails are "hanging" on the mail server, due to insufficient storage capacity. The victim is urged to click a link that says "Review" to fix the fake issue.

The link will open a phishing page that will try to harvest the user's credentials. Entering any information on the fake phishing page will siphon the credentials directly into the hands of the scammers and will very likely lead to the email account in question being compromised and taken over.

The full text of the scam, which comes with punctuation and typographical errors, reads as follows:

Hello (victim name)

Here's your email review for the past week. Some incoming messages with attachments are currently hanging on your server ******** due to low storage capacity.

Kindy review these messages and increase your storage capacity.
click below to review these messages.

Review generated for ******** Security Team.

Why did I receive this email?
Your email filtering service is provided by Webmail Networking, Inc. USA . These message review allows you to view and read your filtered emails.

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December 2, 2022