Ad Pop-Ups

web browser hijacker

Steady-protection dot com is a misleading website that will attempt to push intrusive and potentially harmful ads into your browser under false pretenses.

Depending on your geolocation, similar misleading sites can display different versions of their home pages. Whether it is a scary but fake virus warning or a fake video player that promises something interesting and spicy to watch while there is no content to be seen, similar misleading sites never have anything worthwhile on them.

Their only purpose is to either scare the visitor or grab their attention with the promise of interesting content. To get to this supposed content, users are told to "click allow" to continue to the non-existent content.

Doing this will allow the misleading website to send ads to your browser. A lot of those ads may be sourced through rogue ad networks and link to malicious files, other misleading pages, scam or phishing portals or questionable content.

This is why you should make it a rule of thumb never to click "allow" on unfamiliar sites, especially if they ask you to click that button before they load any of their content.

September 23, 2022