Fakes Virus Warnings to Push Ads

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Severalsituations dot click is a misleading page set up to push ads into visitors' browsers. The website is full of fake virus warning alerts that should not be trusted.

There is a whole category of misleading websites that play into people's fears of online threats. Landing on such a page will show you a fake warning message telling you that your system is infected, often citing the name of a legitimate antivirus product, to make the fake claim seem more credible.

Those websites are all fake and none of those warnings are true. Similar misleading pages exist primarily to spread ads and pop-ups that visitors often agree to, clicking "allow" in the dialog box, still frightened by the scary but very fake virus messages.

Misleading sites often serve up ads that may link to harmful files, scam or phishing pages and other misleading websites.

Just remember that any site claiming to have found viruses on your system is fake and never click anything on it, closing the page right away instead.

August 2, 2022