How to Remove the Zenar Miner

Cryptocurrency Mining Attacks

The Zenar Miner is a piece of commodity malware currently being sold on hacking forums. Despite its name, it is not exactly a miner that cybercriminals can use out-of-the-box – instead, it is meant to help them run a custom cryptocurrency miner on a PC that has the Zenar Miner malware planted on them. The features of Zenar Miner are meant to allow the seamless execution of 3rd-party miners, as well as to help avoid security services. However, you can rest assured that regardless of what Zenar Miner's creator is saying, a reputable antivirus software suite can keep you safe from this threat.

The price of the Zenar Miner is set to $100, so it is likely that many cybercriminals will opt to use it for their future malware propagation campaigns, especially considering the rapidly rising prices of mineable cryptocurrencies.

To avoid threats like the Zenar Miner (and the cryptocurrency miners linked to it), you should invest in reputable anti-malware software. In addition to this, you should be careful about the types of websites you browse while online – avoid sites linked to pirated software/media, and only download installers or updates from trustworthy sources.

May 3, 2021

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