Ygl Search Rogue Extension is a Browser Hijacker

web browser hijacker

Ygl Search is the name of a rogue browser extension that functions as a browser hijacker.

Both rogue extensions and browser hijackers are classified as potentially unwanted programs or PUPs. Potentially unwanted programs are a type of software that occupies the gray area that exists between legitimate applications and full-on malware.

If you have Ygl Search installed in your browser, your default search engine and home page will be switched to keysearchs dot com - a fake search engine. Browser hijackers that promote similar fake search engines are very common.

Those changes take place without proper disclosure or asking the user for clear and explicit consent, which makes the extension a PUP.

Due to the undesirable actions that Ygl Search performs, the extension is not listed and cannot be found on the official Chrome Web Store.

If you find Ygl Search on your system, you should remove it to restore your browser to its normal state and prevent any potential privacy risks associated with browser hijackers.

'Ygl Search' Browser Hijacker Redirects Users To Shady Sites

September 29, 2022