Tail Doing Rogue Extension Acts As A Browser Hijacker

deceptive site browser hijacker

"Tail doing" is the meaningless name of a rogue browser extension that acts as a browser hijacker.

Tail doing will change your browser's settings once installed. The extension is made to swap out your default search engine for tailsearch dot com.

Browser hijackers usually make this sort of change to your browser quietly and without sufficient disclosure, without obtaining user consent. In the case of Tail doing, searches are siphoned through tailsearch dot com and then forwarded to Google, because fake search engines like tailsearch dot com cannot provide results of their own.

What this type of search engine can do, however, is collect information on users' search queries and store that information, usually for resale to third parties such as advertising agencies.

The combination of quiet changes to browser settings and the ability to collect information on the user's browsing habits makes browser hijackers an undesirable presence on any system. It should also be noted that due to its nature, the Tail doing extension is not distributed through the Chrome Web Store, which should be a sufficient testament to its quality.

September 9, 2022