Remove is a deceptive search engine that is promoted through the use of software known as adware or Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs.) This software is often installed without anyone's knowledge or permission. The browser extension will automatically set as your default search engine and homepage with no option to change it. This blog post will outline how to remove the unwanted search engine from your computer. is associated with a browser add-on called WeHeartColoring or We Heart Coloring. The latter may be spread online through ads, pop-ups, and misleading promises, which tell users that they can get access to beautiful coloring resources as soon as they install the add-on. However, instead of providing entertaining content, the add-on will promote by configuring it as your Web browser's default new tab page or search engine. By bringing more traffic to this website, its creators can greatly enhance the ad revenue that the page generates.

Using is not recommended since it may end up prioritizing ads and sponsored results, therefore not providing you with the results you want to see. The best way to eliminate the add-on and the changes it brought is to run a suitable security tool.

May 10, 2021

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