Vbc.exe Cryptominer Malware Can Overtake Functions On Infected Systems

Vbc.exe is the name of a malicious application that functions as a cryptominer tool.

Cryptominers are malicious applications that attempt to install quietly on a victim system, then keep a low profile on it. Once deployed, thet start harnessing the victim system's resources, mainly CPU cycles and GPU processing power.

The hardware is used by the malware to "mine" cryptocurrency of some sort, for the benefit of the malware maker. Vbc.exe is just one of many possible names for the same malicious cryptominer tool.

The tell-tale signs that will indicate you have a cryptominer installed on your system are as follows:

- unresponsive operating system, laggy windows and menus
- general system slowdown when performing any task, for example extracting archives or moving files
- excessive fan noise coming from the computer case

Cryptominers will strain your hardware, cause your computer to lag and cause fans inside the casing to reach max revs and produce a lot of noise.

You will likely also find the process and executable, in this case - Vbc.exe - listed as occupying almost all your CPU inside the Windows task manager window.

Malware of this type is commonly distributed through websites offering "cracked" versions of paid software and games. If you have a cryptominer on your system, it's very likely you will need a dedicated anti-malware tool to clean it.

Legitimate "vbc.exe" Process Could Be Impersonating Malware On Your Computer

November 16, 2022