Rovwer.exe Cryptominer Malware Abuses Victim Hardware

Rovwer.exe is the name of a malicious file that functions as a piece of cryptomining malware.

Cryptominers are a subcategory of malware that will harvest the hardware resources of an infected system and exert them as much as possible in order to "mine" or generate cryptocurrency for the profit of the malware's author or operator.

Some signs that can serve as a strong indication of having cryptominer malware hidden on your system include the following:

- overall system slowdowns
- the system is unresponsive
- apps are taking a long time to load
- fans inside the case are very loud and noisy

Those are all signs that your hardware is likely being abused by a cryptominer and pushed to the maximum, leaving no resources for normal system operation.

The excessive strain put on your CPU and GPU by this sort of malware can shorten the hardware's life in addition to slowing down your system considerably. If you suspect you have a cryptominer on your system, it's advisable to run a full system scan with an anti-malware tool of your choice.

November 7, 2022