Remove Notifications and Pop-Ups is a misleading site, which wants to hijack your browser notifications. Of course, when you come across it, it will not state its intentions. Instead, it may warn you that you need to pass an anti-robot check to continue browsing. Supposedly, users can do this by pressing the 'Allow' button shown on their screen. However, if you do this you will subscribe to's notifications. Thanks to this change, the website will gain the ability to spam active browser windows with endless notifications that point to 3rd-party sites.

The notifications will not provide you with any entertaining or relevant content. Their sole purpose is to generate ad revenue for's owner – this is why they are used to spread all sorts of ads, including links to scams and shady sites or services.

Eliminating the notifications is strongly recommended – allowing this behavior to go on may hinder your Web browsing experience greatly and expose you to potentially harmful links and content. To stop from bothering you, you need to use your browser settings to limit's ability to use notifications. 

May 26, 2021

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