Textamsit.live Scam Website

computer scam

Textamsit.live operates as a scam platform that deceives unsuspecting individuals into enrolling in unwanted subscriptions. Employing deceitful methods, Textamsit.live leverages reputable brand names such as Amazon, The Home Depot, and Walmart to dupe visitors into partaking in an online survey. Upon survey completion, victims are informed of winning a valuable prize, such as an iPhone. However, to claim the prize, a nominal $9.90 shipping fee must be paid.

The deception escalates at this point. Once payment details are provided, victims are involuntarily enrolled in costly monthly subscriptions. Moreover, the promised prize never materializes. Regrettably, many honest individuals fall prey to this scheme while browsing the internet.

The Mode of Operation of the Scam in Depth

Attracting Victims to the Site

Textamsit.live relies on unethical strategies for lead generation to direct traffic to its fraudulent website. Common approaches include:

Malvertising: Placing malicious pop-up, banner, and video ads on dubious websites, which may promote free gift cards, prize giveaways, or virus warnings to entice clicks, redirecting users to Textamsit.live.
Social Media Ads: Purchasing low-cost social media advertising to target susceptible demographics with clickbait offers, claiming viewers have won a free iPhone or must complete an essential survey.
Spam Emails: Sending deceptive mass emails to purchased email lists, featuring catchy subject lines and content warning recipients of the urgent need to claim prizes or avoid account suspensions, with links leading to Textamsit.live.

An In-depth Look at the Scam Website

Upon entering the official Textamsit.live website, users are greeted with convincing graphics and messaging aimed at fostering trust and excitement regarding prize winnings and survey participation. Here's what visitors encounter:

Branding Elements: Utilization of fonts, colors, and templates commonly associated with legitimate e-commerce stores to project credibility. Display of logos like Amazon and official security badges, despite lacking affiliation.
Survey Questions: Presentation of a series of brief questions with buttons covering basic demographic information. Submission of answers triggers prize notifications.
Prize Selection Game: Users are prompted to select from boxes, resembling an online game, to claim prizes. Predetermined winnings are displayed regardless of the box chosen, often featuring iPhones, gift cards, or smart home devices.
Shipping Payment Page: The final page collects personal and payment details under the pretext that users must cover a small $9.90 shipping fee to receive their winnings. In reality, account and billing information is stolen for recurring monthly subscriptions.

Consequences of Providing Payment Information

After furnishing credit card details on Textamsit.live for the purported shipping payment, victims soon realize they have been deceived in several ways:

Non-Delivery of Prizes: The promised free gifts such as iPhones, smartwatches, or gift cards never materialize, and the provided delivery timeframes were deceptive from the outset.
Unauthorized Subscriptions: Within 1-2 weeks, victims notice monthly charges from unfamiliar third-party companies appearing on their credit card statements. These recurrent monthly fees, typically ranging from $89-$299, are billed for mystery subscription services that were never signed up for.
Resale of Payment Details: Credit card numbers, passwords, addresses, and other sensitive information provided on the site are sold on dark web marketplaces, exposing victims to future financial fraud or identity theft.

Ultimately, the Textamsit.live website serves as a fraudulent facade to gather sensitive user data and enroll unsuspecting visitors in recurring monthly billing scams. The promised prizes and survey participation are entirely fabricated, serving solely as manipulation tactics to lower defenses before extracting financial information.

April 2, 2024

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