What is Teslacrypt Ransomware?


TeslaCrypt is an aggressive ransomware threat that is among a short list of threats that demand a rather outrageous ransom fee for supposedly decrypting files. Upon the infection of TeslaCrypt, a vulnerable computer is attacked by having several files encrypted and held for hostage where TeslaCrypt will demand a payment of $500 to $1,000 in bitcoin for restoring those same files.

The TeslaCrypt Ransomware threat come about at the height of ransomware threats infiltrating vulnerable computers, mostly Windows PCs. Teslacrypt ransomware works by encrypting the data on a computer and then demanding payment in order to decrypt it. The ransom amount is usually quite high, and victims are often asked to pay in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Once the ransom is paid, the attackers promise to provide a decryption key that will unlock the encrypted files.

TeslaCrypt Malware Trends Live On

TeslaCrypt has found itself to be a trendsetting in the world of ransomware where many forthcoming malware threats were replications of TeslaCrypt. In many cases, malware threats similar to TeslaCrypt performed the same functions of encrypting files and demanding a ransom for alleged restoring of those files. In those cases, victimized computer users must utilize resoruces to avoid falling into such a trap in paying upwards of $1,000 via Bitcoin or other electric payment methods that cannot be tracked by authorities. Instead, there are alternative methods for solving a TeslaCrypt issue.

Solving The TeslaCrypt Problem via Removal of TeslaCrypt Ransomware

Computer users are urged to never trust ransomware threats like TeslaCrypt but instead take action to remove such threats using the proper antimalware tool. When one has removed TeslaCrypt using an antimalware program, the user can then utilize a system backup to restore any files that TeslaCrypt may have left encrypted.

By Naria
May 19, 2021
May 19, 2021