Tab Manager Rogue Browser Extension Functions as Adware

ads adware

During our inspection of fraudulent websites, our research team uncovered the Tab Manager browser extension, which claims to be able to close all browser tabs with a single click. However, our analysis of this software revealed that it is adware. In other words, Tab Manager operates by running intrusive ad campaigns and collecting sensitive data.

Adware, which is short for advertising-supported software, functions by displaying ads on websites and other interfaces. These advertisements endorse various online scams, dubious or harmful software, and even malware. Upon clicking on some of these ads, scripts may execute to conduct stealthy downloads or installations.

It is important to note that genuine products and services are unlikely to be promoted in this manner by their actual developers. Instead, scammers who take advantage of affiliate programs use these ads to gain illegitimate commissions.

Furthermore, Tab Manager has the ability to track and collect data. Adware typically collects browsing and search history, personally identifiable information, login credentials, credit card numbers, and other sensitive information. This information can be monetized by selling it to third-party entities.

How Can Adware in Your Browser Expose You to Further Threats?

Adware in your browser can expose you to further threats in several ways. Firstly, adware can display deceptive and intrusive ads that lead you to click on links or download software that is malicious. These ads can promote fake software updates, phishing scams, or other fraudulent activities. Secondly, some ads can execute scripts that perform stealthy downloads and installations of malicious software without your knowledge or consent.

Furthermore, adware can collect sensitive information about your browsing habits, such as search queries, URLs visited, and login credentials. This information can be sold to third parties or used by attackers to conduct targeted attacks or identity theft.

In addition, adware can slow down your computer and cause your browser to crash or freeze, making it difficult to perform basic tasks. This can lead to frustration and may cause users to download fake optimization software that is actually malware.

Overall, the presence of adware in your browser can increase your exposure to various security risks, making it essential to remove any suspicious extensions or software from your system as soon as possible.

April 19, 2023

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