Remove SportSearchly

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SportSearchly is an intrusive browser add-on. Users may install it, expecting that it will provide them with relevant information and media about various sports. However, the truth about SportSearchly is that it has no interesting or redeemable features. It relies on false promises and misleading instructions to get users to install it. However, as soon as someone ends up installing this PUP, the add-on will start to manipulate their Web browser settings. Thankfully, it does not try to perform any malicious actions, so you should not consider it to be dangerous.

What does SportSearchly Do?

Once running, this app will replace the default search engine and new tab page your browser uses. It promotes a 3rd-party search engine that you can find at It seems to host a basic search feature, as well as links to other online tools that this app's developers run. However, using this search engine is not a good idea. It may not provide you with good results, and you are likely to end up experiencing redirects to low-quality Web destinations. It appears that currently redirects searches to, another search engine that relies on Potentially Unwanted Programs.


Dealing with the SportSearchly may seem difficult to inexperienced users. This is because trying to fix their browser settings will not work – will keep coming back. To prevent this from happening, you should run a reputable security tool to terminate the PUP fully. This will get rid of this Potentially Unwanted Program's files and enable you to take back control over your browser. Once you do this, you will be able to easily revert any changes.

September 13, 2021