Remove Redirect

Qbot Latest Version Hijacks Email Threads is a website that users often encounter because of random redirects that their Web browser trigger. Although these redirects might seem random at first, there is usually a cause for them – a browser hijacker or a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) running in the background. It appears that this issue affects both Windows and macOS users, so it is possible that the software causing it is compatible with more than one operating system.

How are Hijackers and PUPs Spread?

You would be surprised to find out how easy it is to accidentally install one of these apps. They might use clever, deceptive ads to convince you to install them by exaggerating their usefulness and features. In other situations, they might arrive through software bundles. Typically, these give users the option to decline the installation of optional apps. However, since majority of users rush through the installation process, they could easily skip the step where they can decline the installation of 3rd-party applications.

Thankfully, hijackers and PUPs are not dangerous. They could, however, prove to be annoying by modifying the settings of your Web browser, or by triggering redirects to sites like

If you are experiencing the redirect, you should try to identify and eradicate the source of the issue. Needless to say, doing this manually would prove to be an impossible task for most users. Thankfully, you can automate the process by running an up-to-date antivirus tool compatible with your operating system.

December 27, 2021