SearchBlox Adware


SearchBlox is an adware application that can show up on Mac computers. It belongs to the wider family of AdLoad adware clones that can affect Macs.

SearchBlox is an app that will show up in your Applications folder, along with its generic icon and generic name. There are dozens of variants of what is practically the same adware, distributed under different, random names. Variants are named by stringing two words, usually nouns, together.

SearchBlox will not bring any benefits to your user experience. Its sole purpose is to deliver ads to your system. On one hand, this will slow down your connection and browsing. On the other hand, a lot of the ads shown through similar ad-supported apps are sourced from rogue ad networks.

Similar rogue ads can redirect to malicious or misleading websites, questionable content, and potentially unwanted apps. This is why it's advisable to clean your Mac of similar adware apps.

Luckily, in most cases, doing this is as simple as dragging the adware application, whether it's SearchBlox or one of its dozens of clones, onto the Trash and then emptying the Trash.

November 25, 2022