SaveSysBoot Adware


While examining new file samples, our researchers came across the SaveSysBoot application. Upon additional investigation, we confirmed that it belongs to the AdLoad malware family, specifically categorized as adware. SaveSysBoot engages in aggressive advertising campaigns and may possess additional harmful functionalities.

Adware, short for advertising-supported software, generates revenue for developers by displaying advertisements. Typically, adware facilitates the presentation of third-party graphical content, such as ads, on various interfaces like desktops and visited websites.

Although SaveSysBoot may not exhibit intrusive advertising campaigns under certain conditions, such as incompatible browsers or systems, unvisited websites, or other unsuitable circumstances, it poses a threat to device and user safety regardless.

The advertisements promoted by SaveSysBoot predominantly endorse online scams, untrustworthy or dangerous software, and potential malware. Some intrusive ads may initiate stealthy downloads or installations upon being clicked.

It's important to note that any genuine content promoted through these advertisements is likely endorsed by scammers exploiting affiliate programs to gain illegitimate commissions.

While previous instances of AdLoad adware have exhibited browser-hijacking capabilities, SaveSysBoot did not display these functionalities during testing.

Moreover, advertising-supported software typically collects private information, and SaveSysBoot may have the capability for data tracking as well. The collected information may include browsing and search engine histories, Internet cookies, usernames, passwords, personally identifiable details, credit card numbers, etc. T

What is the AdLoad Group of Adware Clones?

The AdLoad group refers to a family of adware clones that share similar characteristics and behaviors. AdLoad is a type of adware, which stands for advertising-supported software. Adware typically generates revenue for its developers by displaying unwanted advertisements on users' devices. The AdLoad group is known for its intrusive advertising campaigns and has been associated with various deceptive tactics to promote online scams, untrustworthy software, and potential malware.

AdLoad adware often operates by injecting ads into web browsers, displaying pop-ups, banners, or other forms of advertisements during the user's online activities. It may also redirect users to sponsored websites or initiate unwanted downloads.

One notable aspect of the AdLoad group is its adaptability and tendency to evolve over time. Different clones within this group may share core functionalities but can also exhibit variations in their behavior and tactics. This adaptability makes it challenging for security software to detect and prevent AdLoad infections effectively.

Users encountering adware from the AdLoad group may experience disruptions in their online experience, encounter unwanted advertisements, and face potential privacy risks as these types of software often collect user data.

February 13, 2024

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