Stay Clear of the Browser Hijacker

Rulefloor is the name of a browser hijacker and the associated site that it pushes.

If you have the Rulefloor browser hijacker installed on your system, you may find you're frequently redirected to that page. Additionally, your home page and default search engine may be swapped out to the page as well. The contents of your blank new tab may also be affected.

This is typical behavior for browser hijackers that promote a certain domain and page. Those changes are usually made without asking the user for explicit consent, which is also why this sort of application is classified as "potentially unwanted".

Potentially unwanted apps are usually distributed through bundle installers, where several applications are packaged inside the same installer file. One of them may be legitimate, with one or more potentially unwanted apps piggybacking inside the install package.

If you find Rulefloor among your browser's extensions or inside your installed programs list, you should uninstall it.

September 27, 2022