Remove Rivd Ransomware

The Rivd Ransomware is the latest variation of the infamous STOP/Djvu family of file-encryption Trojans. Users who fall victim to this threat will not have access to free decryption software. So far, the Rivd Ransomware's encryption is considered to be impossible to decipher via free tools. The creators of the malware own all decryption keys, but they are only willing to share them in exchange for Bitcoin payments. Allegedly, they demand to receive $490 from their victims, but threaten to double the ransom amount if their demands are not met on time.

Rivd Ransomware's attack leaves files in an encrypted state, and adds the '.rivd' extension to their original names. It also aims to delete Shadow Volume Copies and backups, and then drops the '_readme.txt' ransom document. The message of the criminals provide two emails for contact – and It also advises victims to send one file for test decryption.

You are likely to encounter the Rivd Ransomware payload if you frequent low-quality websites or tend to interact with pirated content. Criminals may often spread it via malicious email attachments. It is recommended to enhance your security against malware intrusions by using an up-to-date anti-malware software suite.

If you are a victim of the Rivd Ransomware, we advise you not to agree to pay. The criminals may scam you after you complete the Bitcoin transaction. Our advice is to start the recovery challenge by using an antivirus scanner to eliminate the malware. After this, explore popular data recovery tools, or restore files from a backup.

October 29, 2021