How to Remove SuperPDFConverterSearch

SuperPDFConverterSearch is an extension that will replace your default search engine and new tab page. It performs searches on, which is a partner website of the SuperPDFConverterSearch application. Based on our research, this extension may also be related to other extensions that are known for their browser hijacking abilities. It is identified as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP,) and users should not allow it to continue working on their system. While it is not harmful, it may hinder their browsing experience, and worsen the quality of their online searches significantly. frequently redirects users to somewhat valid search results page, but it may still prioritize showing ads and sponsored results that may not always be relevant. Users are likely to have installed SuperPDFConverterSearch because of misleading promises or fake downloads. If you are experiencing any of the changes described above, we advise you to uninstall SuperPDFConverterSearch with the assistance of a reputable security scanner.