ProcesserGrid Adware


ProcesserGrid is the name of an adware program, which belongs to the broader family of AdLoad variants.

ProcesserGrid is adware that affects Mac computers and is one of the hundreds of very similar clones and name variants of what is essentially the same adware. All those variants share the same icon - a generic, white looking glass inside a grey circle. The generic look helps apps like ProcesserGrid stay hidden among other apps on your Mac.

The purpose of adware is simple - it is produced to display ads on the target system and generate revenue for the adware author in the process. This wouldn't be too bad if adware apps didn't often cooperate with rogue advertising networks.

Rogue ad networks may often display ads that link to questionable content, misleading websites and potentially unwanted app installers. This part of adware behavior holds more potential dangers for the user than the simple fact that their system is being spammed with unsolicited ads.

Adware is never something you want to have on your system and thankfully the removal of applications similar to ProcesserGrid is relatively simple - you just need to drag their icon onto the Trash, then empty Trash.

By Zaib
June 17, 2022
June 17, 2022