BlissFresh Adware

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BlissFresh is the umpteenth variant of the same adware package that affects Mac computers. Both BlissFresh and its hundreds of clones are variants of the AdLoad adware family, simply repackaged and distributed under different, randomly generated names.

There are quite literally hundreds of variants of this adware, all using the same icon as BlissFresh - a grey circle with a looking glass icon that are meant to give it a very generic look and help it remain unnoticed among your other applications. The names of those variants are all mostly nonsensical and use two semi-random words, mashed together, giving results like IndexerSource, WheelInstant and BlissFresh.

The purpose of adware is simple - push ads into the user's browser and generate revenue along the way. However, the ads distributed through adware platforms can be sourced from rogue ad networks. This means those ads can redirect to misleading websites, questionable content and potentially unwanted applications. This makes the presence of apps like BlissFresh on your Mac undesirable.

Removing the application is simple as it has no established persistence mechanisms and can simply be dragged onto the Trash.

June 16, 2022