Price Tracking Pro Adware Extension

While investigating fraudulent websites, our team stumbled upon the Price Tracking Pro browser extension. According to the extension's description, it's a tool that helps online shoppers keep track of prices, seller ratings, and other relevant information. However, upon further examination, we discovered that Price Tracking Pro functions as adware. Adware allows third-party graphical content such as pop-ups, banners, surveys, and other ads to be displayed on websites and other interfaces. These ads may promote scams, harmful software, or even malware, and some intrusive ads can download and install software without the user's permission.

It's important to note that while legitimate products and services may appear in these ads, they are most likely not endorsed by their developers. Rather, they are likely the work of scammers who exploit the content's affiliate programs to earn illegitimate commissions.

Advertising-supported software may require specific conditions to run intrusive ad campaigns, such as a compatible browser or system or user geolocation. However, regardless of whether Price Tracking Pro displays ads, it poses a threat to device integrity and user safety.

Moreover, the extension requests permission to display browser notifications, which means it could spam users with notifications that promote deceitful and harmful content.

How Can Rogue Extensions Like Price Tracking Pro Get on Your System?

Rogue extensions like Price Tracking Pro can get on your system through various methods, such as:

Malicious websites: You may unintentionally download and install rogue extensions when visiting malicious websites or clicking on links in phishing emails.

Bundled with legitimate software: Rogue extensions may be bundled with legitimate software that you download and install, and you may inadvertently install the rogue extension along with the legitimate software.

Fake software updates: Cybercriminals may create fake software update notifications that prompt you to download and install updates that are actually rogue extensions.

Social engineering: Rogue extensions may be installed on your system through social engineering tactics such as fake download buttons or misleading ads.

Exploiting vulnerabilities: Rogue extensions may exploit vulnerabilities in your browser or operating system to gain access to your system and install themselves.

To protect yourself from rogue extensions, it's important to be cautious when downloading software or clicking on links, keep your software up to date, and use reputable antivirus software that can detect and block rogue extensions. Additionally, you should only install browser extensions from trusted sources and read reviews and ratings before installing any new extensions.

March 14, 2023

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