Why are PremiumContinental Ads Displaying Pop-Ups?

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PremiumContinental Ads are misleading and potentially dangerous pop-up advertisements that attempt to install fake Flash Player software on a Mac computer. The PremiumContinental Ads are prone to affecting MacOS computers where it may prompt a Flash Player Install window that may be malware if one allows the software to install.

All though PremiumContinental is adware it can be justified as being malware because of how it may lead to the installation of unwanted software that turns out to be malicious. Web browser extensions may be the culprit of the PremiumContinental Ads being displayed on a Mac computer where they could load when installing freeware or bundled software applications.

Mac computer users should beware of PremiumContinental Ads and utilize an updated antimalware resource to safely detect and eliminate the PremiumContinental components, which will put a stop to the pop-ups that attempt to install bogus or potentially malicious software.

September 6, 2022