Warning! Picdadhis.live Collects Detailed Personal Information

Picdadhis dot live is a misleading website that hosts a fake survey and giveaway. The purpose of the page is to lure users into disclosing personally identifiable information.

If you somehow end up on Picdadhis dot live, you will see a simple design telling you that you have been "selected" to take the survey. Of course, that is the first lie on the page, as this survey shows up for everyone who visits the page.

The fake survey also has a timer on the page, ticking down and creating a sense of urgency, pushing the user to start filling it in. There is also the promise of an iPhone 13 if you go through with the survey.

This is a simple social engineering trick to get the user to comply without thinking of the implications of filling in their personal info on a random page with a very weird domain name.

Any information you enter in the fake survey will be siphoned to the party running the page and may be used for a variety of malicious purposes. This is why you should always be mindful of your actions online and always approach similar sites with a critical eye, keeping in mind there is no free lunch, especially not in a web space where thousands of misleading sites vie for your attention.

November 3, 2022