PC App Store Rogue Optimization App

PC App Store is the name of a potentially unwanted application that functions as adware, in addition to its advertised functionality.

PC App Store can be broadly categorized as a rogue optimization app. It claims that it will keep all your software and apps up to date by monitoring for updates. However, it also generates advertisements on your system and can slip potentially unwanted applications on your system along with some of these updates.

This sort of rogue app is often distributed using software bundling. This is a technique where multiple apps are packaged inside the same installer. One of them would often be legitimate and desirable, with one or more potentially unwanted applications crammed inside the same installer package.

The issue with this practice is that the potentially unwanted apps that are piggybacking inside the bundle installer are very poorly disclosed and can install practically quietly on your system, without asking for explicit consent and without the user's knowledge.

If you have PC App Store installed on your Windows system, it would be best if you uninstall it to prevent any future exposure to stray ads and additional potentially unwanted apps.

December 1, 2022