Remove Paza Adware

adware popups

The Paza Adware is a dubious piece of software that only tries to sneak into Mac systems. You will not find an official website or a publisher associated with this software – instead, it is being distributed online through fake downloads, misleading advertisements, and other dubious content. Once installed, the Paza Adware will introduce undesired changes to the Web browser configuration. It may replace the default new tab page or search engine with a 3rd-party Web page that you are not going to find useful. The websites that Paza Adware promotes may change periodically, but there are typically a low-quality search engine, which forces users to see extra ads, sponsored results, and other marketing content. Furthermore, it may show ads on websites you usually browse - this is guaranteed to ruin your Web browsing experience.

It is a myth that Mac systems are immune to adware or other suspicious software – while this might have been true a couple of years ago, nowadays Macs are an attractive target for developers for all sorts of shady software. This is why it is important for Mac users to keep their computer protected with the use of reputable anti-malware software.

If you notice any of the changes above, or you see the name of Paza in your list of apps or processes, then you need to resolve the issue as soon as possible. The best way to dispose of the Paza Adware is to use a suitable Mac security scanner.

May 24, 2021