trust browsers store passwords is a basic search engine, which may be set as your browser's default search service and new tab page. This happens without your approval, usually with the help of a browser hijacker that modifies your system settings and replaces them with the domain as the homepage and search provider without user's consent. Thankfully, this change is not malicious. It may, however, hinder your ability to find reliable search results since is not as reliable as popular search providers like Yahoo, Bing, or Google. Please follow this guide in order to remove from your computer.

The browser hijacker that introduced to your browser may have been installed when you fell for a fake download or tried installing a low-quality software bundle. Thankfully, hijackers are not dangerous, and they are not a critical security concern. Despite this, it is still recommended to get rid of them as soon as possible. Read more about our post on Remove, which covers a similar browser hijacking issue.

To restore your browser's settings, you will first need to ensure the full removal of the hijacker. This is easily done by running an up-to-date computer security scanner – it will scan all hard disk files and quickly identify the ones responsible for the changes explained above. Once the hijacker is gone, your browser's settings should be back to normal.

May 14, 2021