Nyx Ransomware Lists No Ransom Sum

Nyx ransomware is a malicious software that encrypts files and appends the victim's ID, an email address, and the ".NYX" extension to filenames. It also drops a "READ_ME.txt" file with instructions on how to restore the encrypted files. Our team discovered Nyx while inspecting malware samples submitted to VirusTotal page.

When Nyx encrypts a file, it changes its name by adding the victim's ID, an email address, and the ".NYX" extension at the end of it. For example, "1.jpg" becomes "1.jpg.NYX".

The ransom note instructs victims to contact threat actors via datasupp@onionmail.com (or recoverdata@msgsafe.io) in order to receive further instructions for restoring their files. They are allowed to send up to three files for free decryption before paying for data decryption services. The note also warns them not to try any third-party software as it may permanently damage their files and threatens that their data will be leaked if they don't contact the attackers.

Nyx ransomware is a serious threat to users' data and should be avoided at all costs. It is important to keep your system up-to-date with the latest security patches and use reliable antivirus software in order to protect yourself from this type of malicious software.

The Nyx ransom note contents

The full text of the Nyx ransom note reads as follows:

if you are seeing this, it means all of your files have been encrypted and uploaded by Nyx Ransomware
but you don't need to be worry about your files you can take back all of them in case of a corporation and following instructions step by step
Otherwise, we can assure you that you won't see your files again.

Use these emails to contact us and receive instructions :

Main email: datasupp@onionmail.com

Secondary email ( in case of no response in 48h) : recoverdata@msgsafe.io

Use the following ID as the title of your email: -

Remember, if you try to recover your files through any third-party software, it can cause premature damage to your files, and we can't help you either.

Also, you can send up to 3 test files to see if we can decrypt your files.

After a while, if we don't receive an email from you, we will leak all of your files and documents in different forums.

Besides, be aware of all those middleman services out there; they will waste your time and money.

How to protect your system against threats such as the Nyx ransomware

To protect your system against ransomware infections, it is important to keep your system up-to-date with the latest security patches and use reliable antivirus software. Additionally, users should be aware of phishing emails and malicious links that may contain ransomware. It is also recommended to back up important files regularly in case of an attack.

Furthermore, users should avoid downloading suspicious files from untrusted sources and always double-check the file before opening it. Finally, users should be cautious when clicking on pop-up ads or visiting unfamiliar websites as they may contain malicious code that can infect their systems with ransomware.

January 16, 2023