Remove NewProduct Adware

NewProduct is an adware-type application, which bothers Windows users. There is very scarce data about it online, but it seems that NewProduct is spread through deceptive methods. There is no official download site or page. Instead, NewProduct may arrive to your system via fake downloads of updaters and installers. Furthermore, it may show up in a low-quality software bundle, which uses misleading messages and tricks to get your approval to install 3rd-party apps.

What is NewProduct?

It seems that users who find NewProduct on their computer may end up seeing multiple random files in the app's folder. NewProduct uses several executable files, with the names customer3, jooyu, md8_8eus, and Uninstall. The latter, however, does not work – you cannot remove NewProduct by running it. The exact purpose of NewProduct's files is not clear. However, users with this adware report the same behavior – seeing an increased number of ads.

If this adware plants its files on your system, your browser may begin to serve you a large number of intrusive pop-ups and ads. These are often irrelevant to your interests, and they may promote scams or dangerous applications. You should always be wary of out-of-place online ads – avoid interacting with them if you have doubts about their origin.

While NewProduct is not dangerous, it certainly uses some shady tricks to reach more systems. Furthermore, it does not have any redeemable features – its sole purpose is generating ad revenue by hindering your Web browsing experience. If you spot this app on your Windows computer, you should proceed to remove it with the use of an up-to-date anti-malware application.

August 23, 2021