Uses Fake Warnings to Scare Visitors


Mydailydatareport dot site is a misleading page that throws fake disturbing warnings at the user in order to slip ads on their browser.

This sort of misleading site belongs to the category of "fake virus warning" page. The site will display images styled like the interface windows of a legitimate antivirus app. The fake windows will contain all sorts of exaggerated, scary and fake warnings.

This may include warnings that the visitor previously used an "illegal website" or that they have "five viruses" on their computer. As a rule of thumb, you need to disregard all those warnings, because they will always, without fail, be fake and misleading.

No online page can know this information about your system and the fake warnings are used to get frightened users to click "allow" and accept push notifications from the misleading site. This functionality is used to push intrusive and potentially harmful ads into the user's browser.

Those ads are often sourced using rogue ad networks and can lead you to all sorts of unsafe online locations, including scam and phishing pages or other untrustworthy websites.

November 28, 2022