Remove MainOperation

apple mac mini

MainOperation is an app for Macs. It is not reliable, and it might often turn up on the devices of users who frequently interact with pirated content, or downloads from non-trustworthy sources. You are unlikely to find an official download source for MainOperation - this software is being spread through the use of various scams and deceptive content. If you encounter MainOperation on your Mac, you are likely to notice some annoying changes when you start your Web browser.

What Changes Does MainOperation Bring?

This Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) has the ability to manage Web browser settings. When it does this, it ensures that users get redirected to 3rd-party search services whenever they load a new tab, or try to search the Web. These redirects could hinder one's ability to navigate the Web. Furthermore, the search services that MainOperation promotes are unlikely to provide credible search results. We advise you to avoid using any websites that MainOperation might be affiliated with.

How to Remove MainOperation

Uninstalling MainOperation from your Mac is a task that you should not try to complete manually. Instead, use an up-to-date security tool to scan your entire system, and ensure that all of the PUP's files will be wiped out.

January 5, 2022