Mafer Ransomware Belongs to VoidCrypt Clone Family

Mafer is a new file-encrypting malware. More specifically, it is a new clone of the VoidCrypt ransomware.

Mafer will encrypt almost every file on an infected system. Encrypted files will include media, document, archive and database extensions and file types.

Encrypted files will receive a complex new extension containing the victim ID code, the email used by the hackers and the ".Mafer" string. In this way, a file originally named "document.txt" will turn into "document.txt[].Mafer".

Once encryption is complete, the Mafer ransomware will drop its ransom note inside a plain text file called "Read_Me!.txt". The full ransom note goes as follows:

All Your Files Encrypted And Sensitive Data Downloaded (Financial Documents,Contracts,Invoices etc.. ).

To Get Decryption Tools You Should Buy Our Decrption Tools And Then We Will Send You Decryption Tools And Delete Your Sensitive Data From Our Servers.

If Payment Is Not Made We have to Publish Your Sensitive Data If Necessary Sell Them And Send Them To Your Competitors And After A While Our Servers Will Remove Your Decrypion Keys From Servers.

Your Files Encrypted With Strongest Encryption Algorithm So Without Our Decryption Tools Nobody Can't Help You So Do Not Waste Your Time In Vain!

Your ID: hhNAst

Email Address: dr.filees at gmail dot com

In Case Of Problem With First Email Write Us E-mail At : luka.born at tutanota dot com

Send Your ID In Email And Check Spam Folder.

This Is Just Business To Get Benefits, If Do Not Contact Us After 48 Hours Decryption Price Will x2.

What Guarantee Do We Give You ?

You Should Send Some Encrypted Files To Us For Decryption Test.



Do Not Edit Or Rename Encrypted Files.

Do Not Try To Decrypt Files By Third-Party Or Data Recovery Softwares It May Damage Files.

In Case Of Trying To Decrypt Files With Third-Party Sofwares,This May Make The Decryption Harder So Prices Will Be Rise.


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November 25, 2022