Remove is a dubious search service that relies on low-quality apps to promote it. This would explain why many Internet users are wondering why their browser redirects them to regularly. While the redirect is not dangerous, it certainly seems annoying and out of place. Typically, the cause of it is a browser hijacking app that users installed unknowingly. These installs often happen thanks to fake installers/updaters, misleading ads, or even software bundles. Protecting your system for such low-level intruders can be done by installing an up-to-date security tool.

Should you use

While the website is not dangerous, it may not satisfy your needs when it comes to online searching. While many of these low-effort search engines redirect to Bing, Yahoo or Google, this one takes users to The latter is also a low-quality search service that cannot provide you with accurate or reliable results.

Another reason not to use is that its functionality is subject to change. Since it is not governed by a reputable company or organization, its anonymous developers can edit it at any time. This means that tomorrow it could stat display misleading ads, trigger dangerous redirects, or exhibit other dangerous/annoying behavior.

To eliminate from your Web browser once and for all, you should identify and remove the app promoting it. To do this, run a reliable Windows anti-malware tool to do a full system scan. This should be enough to identify and eliminate browser hijackers or Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP) that were installed without your approval.

September 27, 2021