How to Remove IndexerSource Adware On A Mac Computer

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IndexerSource is the name of a piece of Mac adware. IndexerSource belongs to the broader family of AdLoad adware clones.

IndexerSource does little to distinguish itself from other recent AdLoad clones. The application is packaged in exactly the same way - it shows up as a generic grey circle with a white looking glass icon inside it, probably to better hide itself in your applications folder.

The only purpose of IndexerSource and the other AdLoad clones is to deliver ads to your Mac. All ad-supported software works this way, the issue with it all is that a lot of the time the ads delivered by the adware are sourced through rogue ad networks and can link to potentially harmful pages.

Rogue ads may send the user to pages containing questionable content, scams, misleading pages, and other potentially unwanted applications. This behavior makes it very obvious why you wouldn't want to have adware on your system, whether it's IndexerSource or a different instance.

Removal is easy, thankfully, as IndexerSource doesn't have any persistence mechanisms. Simply dragging it to your Trash and emptying the trash afterward is enough to get it off your Mac for good.

June 9, 2022